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Boosting animal performance by microbiota modulation

Recent advances in sequencing technology have revolutionized gut microbiome research, permitting compositional and functional analyses of gut microbiota that were previously unrealistic. Due to techniques such as 16s rRNA sequencing and whole genome sequencing, based on metabolomics and metagenomics, we are now able to study the compositional and functional status of the gut microbiota community and its relationship with animal health, disease and performance.

Post-weaning enteric disorders in pigs: a position paper

Introduction In our current intensive pig farming systems, weaning is still often considered as a delicate period to manage. The statement is rather frustrating when we know the vast amount of laboratory and field investigations carried out on the purpose throughout the world and the years. The main clinical sign, easily perceivable on the farms […]

Modern sows produce modern piglets

Pig farm managers are well aware of the new performances allowed by modern sows. They are also witnessing management changes in sow nutrition to par with the corresponding metabolic and colostrum/milk production evolutions. What is less commonly realised is that the litters born to these modern sows are also composed of modern piglets. A bibliographic overview shows that newborn and suckling piglets’ management is about to drastically specialise.