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Heat stress: underlying mechanism and mitigation by yeast paraprobiotics

Heat stress pathophysiology As birds are homeothermic animals, they are able to maintain a relatively constant body temperature by balancing the production and dissipation of heat within their body. The maintenance of a constant body temperature is regulated by thyroid hormones of which the concentration is regulated by the hypothalamus – pituitary – thyroid axis […]

Management strategies to prevent heat stress across the farm

Heat stress is a critical issue in poultry production and commercial poultry management and equipment used in hot weather must be adapted to reduce the negative impact of heat stress on productivity. Poultry house build quality must be high in order to provide the best possible production conditions. Correct orientation to allow air flow, spacing […]

Innate immune system: the good, the bad, the ugly…

The innate immune system acts as an alarm that senses danger in the form of infection and/or cell damage, and helps to initiate recovery and repair processes. Integral to innate immune cell activation are germline-encoded pattern recognition receptors that sense danger in the form of exogenous microbe-associated molecular patterns and endogenous damage-associated molecular patterns. Innate […]