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Preventive measures in aquaculture: how to better protect our crops

Pathogenic agents that cause economic impacts in aquaculture are from bacterial, viral, fungal and/or parasitic origin. In fact, the combination of one or more of these pathogens is the most common cause of disease outbreak and can increase disease dispersion among shrimp and fish. Diseases in aquaculture have been causing adverse economic and social impacts […]

The Brazilian Aquaculture Industry

In 2013, aquaculture production in Brazil reached 387,7 MT. Since 2003, production is growing at an average rate of 9.3% (FAO, 2014). Aquaculture production is spread to all geographical regions in Brazil, but the Northeastern accounts for more than ¼ of the total (Fig. 1). There are three major aquatic animal groups farmed in the […]

Immune stimulation in Aquaculture

Immune stimulation in aquaculture was a subject on the board when I joined Phileo some years ago. One of my first tasks was to assess the products we had available in the group as immune stimulants in aquaculture species. Immune stimulation in aquaculture is a confused field Not being an immunologist by training, but having […]