Boosting animal performance by microbiota modulation

By Fabio Catunda on

Recent advances in sequencing technology have revolutionized gut microbiome research, permitting compositional and functional analyses of gut microbiota that were previously unrealistic. Due to techniques such as 16s rRNA sequencing and whole genome sequencing, based on metabolomics and metagenomics, we are now able to study the compositional and functional status of the gut microbiota community and its relationship with animal health, disease and performance.


Nutrition for heat-stressed dairy herds

By Prof. Marcos Neves Pereira, University of Lavras on

Heat stress (HS) has a significant negative impact on the profitability of the dairy industry around the world, an estimate of the economic loss induced by heat stress to the USA was close to US$ 1 billion annually. The predicted growth of the dairy industry in warm places is a strong reason for the increased […]


Impact of the immune status on negative energy balance and milk production in fresh cows

By Dr. Erminio TREVISI on

There is no doubt that the transition period is the most critical phase in the life of high yielding dairy cows (Drackley, 1999; van Knegsel et al., 2014). In few weeks (broadly 3 before and 3 after calving) cows receive many challenges (e.g. physiological, nutritional, psychological, management) and this requires that all the adaptive responses […]


Innate immune system: the good, the bad, the ugly…

By Dr. Mike Kogut on

The innate immune system acts as an alarm that senses danger in the form of infection and/or cell damage, and helps to initiate recovery and repair processes. Integral to innate immune cell activation are germline-encoded pattern recognition receptors that sense danger in the form of exogenous microbe-associated molecular patterns and endogenous damage-associated molecular patterns. Innate […]


Facing the challenges of the livestock industry


As a long foreword, let’€™s recall some points that we know: The agriculture and livestock industry in the last 50 years has progressed more than in the previous 10.000 years. Professor Borlaug defeated Malthus. More food is available, but plenty does not mean well distributed and the abundant food doesn’t prevent malnutrition for 11% of […]